Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Rule of Deer Adultery Club -- ALWAYS Hide the Water Dish


Cherry and Mark don't waste any time laying into Patty's frownie husband, dropping the "isn't very friendly" bomb well before they even step out of her featureless home. With space at a premium in today's rare four-panel installment, we can't get a firm grip on Mark's reaction to Ken's stern unfriendliness. If recent history is any indication, Mark's probably enjoying himself off-screen in Panel Two. He gets quite a kick out of not knowing much about his neighbors...

Meanwhile, the deer is out of the bag at the unknown neighbors' house. This may come as a shock, but irresponsibly angry husband Ken is not a big fan of his wife's pet buck. Will violence come of this? Preliminary swelling in Patty's head region says yes. Stay tuned.

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Josh said...

Stepping back a little, the full 5-day transcript of Mark and Patty's current conversation is below. Note how Mark's request to take a Patty-Bucky fireplace candid is presented the exact way a rebuffed request for a monage a trois would be:

Patty: Hi, Mark, it's good to see you again! Mark, this is a pleasant surprise...what brings you this way?

MT: You and your pet deer! I would like to take a picture of you and Bucky for a story I'm doing! I'm going to tell readers that it's best not to take wild animals out of the woods as pets!

Patty: I know you're right Mark! I've given it a lot of thought, and I'm going to get some advice from the wildlife people about what to do with Bucky!

MT: That's good...can I get shots of you and Bucky by the fireplace?

Patty: I don't think I'd better do that, Mark...my husband Ken doesn't like Bucky being in the house!

MT: I don't really need pictures of the pet deer by the fire...outside shots will be fine!

Patty: Good, Bucky will be a celebrity! My husband Ken is having some business problems and he gets upset easily! Mark, would you like me to take a picture of you with Bucky?

MT: That will be nice. Thanks!